Enjoy our Caribbean luxury villa rental for your vacation in the Dominican Republic

Private Pool & Spa

Our gorgeous 3600 sq ft swimming pool, just for you!

Our custom-designed, zero-entry, free-form swimming pool & spa is perfect for all ages!

Our Private Villa Zero-Entry Pool

The totally private swimming pool at our beachfront villa rental is yet another of the fantastic designs created by the owners with individual needs in mind. The unique shape of the private pool starts with a spacious zero-entry (aka. beach-entry) access, perfect for strolling into the pool as if you were on a beach. It also makes the safest entry for the elderly, youngsters or even the handicapped.

Our unique private pool shape provides ample space for even a large group to fully enjoy themselves without crowding each other. At over 3600 square feet of surface area with over 75,000 gallons of water, the pool offers enjoyment, relaxation and most of all S P A C E.

Even with the immense size of the pool, the owners wanted to ensure safety, comfort and access for everyone. To accommodate this they designed the 'beach-entry' pool, which is a pool that at one end has no entry step required. To enter the pool you simply walk down it's 'beach area' into the wading area. The depth of the pool goes from zero to about three feet throughout the beach area. This makes it accessible to the handicapped or smaller children.

The end of the beach area may be roped off to prevent children from accidentally wandering into deeper water. Also at the end of the beach area is the peninsula with seats surrounding it for relaxation or a quick drink while remaining in the pool. The swim-thru is also located here but is roped off so the smaller children won't get into it. If small children are not in your party the pool staff will remove the ropes for your swimming pleasure.

Stepping off the beach area of the pool you will get into deeper water, between 4 to 6 feet deep at the shallower end. The deep end, where the diving rock is located, is over 8 ½ feet deep! The length of the pool is 60' each way allowing more than enough room for swimming laps.

Along side the swimming pool, which is solar heated for those cooler winter evenings, is our heated spa with ample seating for up to 12 people. Again taking into consideration the needs of the individuals, the spa has different seating heights for shorter individuals, or children, who want to enjoy the spa. The water in the spa flows over a small waterfall into the main pool providing a relaxing background noise to the ocean waves down below.

The pool deck surrounding the entire pool is made of hand-cut coralina that has the unique property of never getting hot, no matter what the temperature outside. Coralina is a very porous rock so it does not absorb the heat (very similar to coral stone). When you get out of the pool in the middle of the day, no matter the heat, the deck will feel cool to your feet.

Scattered across this wonderfully designed pool deck are some of the most luxurious and comfortable pool chairs and chaise lounges imaginable. With soft, thick cushions and made from rust-proof aluminum, you will find yourself falling asleep when relaxing in these incredibly comfortable chairs. To help ward off sunburn, the villa has over a half dozen umbrellas to place over your chair.

Every aspect of the pool and pool area has been carefully considered for your safety, convenience and relaxation. Pool toys are available as are floating pool chairs for the adults. Still, safety is your responsibility so never leave children or the elderly in the pool unattended.