Enjoy our Caribbean luxury villa rental for your vacation in the Dominican Republic

Tropical Gardens

Manicured daily, our gardens are always picture perfect!

Over 2 acres of manicured, tropical, specimen gardens perfect for relaxation!

Romantic Manicured, Tropical Gardens

The gardens of our Dominican Republic villa rental, over two acres of them, were skillfully constructed with strong romantic overtones. Three different places within the gardens are designed for privacy and convenience of the guests. Each garden location is easily accessible yet closed to outside viewing so you can relax and enjoy the weather.

Sea Cliff Garden

Atop the sea cliff is a very special garden with steps sweeping down from the 'beach' side of the swimming pool. At the bottom of the steps is a very comfortable bench and lion's head fountain. Sit, relax, and enjoy the day with a private area of your own away from the hustle and bustle of the villa itself. Also located down here are two of the many hammocks, large enough for two, located in a shady spot just right for that nap you are looking forward to.

Quiet Night Garden

Immediately outside of the Viareggio and La Spezia Suites is a deep, private terrace with steps down to a serene, beautifully landscaped garden area. Within the garden, up against the custom stone privacy wall, is another comfortable bench only large enough for a couple to sit and discuss their own purchase in the Dominican Republic! From this garden you have easy access to either the front or rear of the house but are still hidden from direct view.

Al Fresco Garden

In front of the house, next to the Al Fresco dining area, is a small private garden area we call the Al Fresco Garden. Within the garden is a small pond stocked with lively fish and fresh water shrimp close to a sitting area and relaxing hammock. Walled from the front of the house with densely packed tropical flowering bushes, this cute garden is a favorite resting place for those end of the day drinks and conversation.

Rooftop Gardens

We have yet one more unique feature separating it from the norm; a fully landscaped and lovingly maintained rooftop garden throughout the second floor. The rooftop garden perfumes the air with the sweet scents from many flowering plants that hang over the balconies. If you reside upstairs in the Firenze Suite you can stroll through these elevated gardens day or night to drink in the sweet aromas and romantic views.