Enjoy our Caribbean luxury villa rental for your vacation in the Dominican Republic

Luxury Villa Owners

Letter from the Owners

¡Hola Señoras y Señores!

Owners of Villa CastellamonteWe would like to be the very first to welcome you to the unspoiled, pristine paradise of the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Our own journey to discover this slice of heaven began dozens of years ago as we were raising our children in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Business took us all over the world, with a lot of time spent in Italy, and we discovered staying in private vacation homes was one of the most enjoyable ways to visit a new country.

Originally, our luxury vacation villa was built solely for our immediate family to enjoy as an exclusive Caribbean vacation resort. The result is that our holiday rental is designed perfectly for large, diverse family reunions, destination weddings or corporate groups. Every bedroom is uniquely designed and furnished providing the comfort and immediate relaxation we all feel when we “come home.”

We created our luxury villa to reflect the varied travel experiences we’d had in our own lives to provide the unique mixture of Caribbean lifestyle combined with Italian elegance. A key part of the Caribbean lifestyle in a luxury vacation villa is to enjoy a dedicated, professional staff that caters to your every desire. Our guests constantly cite the staff of our vacation rental as the most amazing, friendly and attentive of any trip they have ever taken.

As of the writing of this letter to you, we have over 70 unique guests reviews on TripAdvisor extolling the beauty of the villa, the wonderful staff and the magnificent food you will enjoy. We take great pride in meeting and exceeding our guests’ expectations. Whatever you desire in your vacation here, just ask and we’ll work hard to help make it happen for you.

Thank you again for considering our luxury vacation rental for your upcoming vacation. We look forward to welcoming you here so you can experience the generosity, affection and fun-filled lifestyle of the Dominican Republic.

Michelle and Jason