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Our Favorite 10 Tips on Destination Weddings

Choosing that perfect location for your destination wedding and the planning the stress-free destination wedding is made easier when you have our experience on your side. We help you by providing a wealth of free information, including these destination wedding tips, to help you in planning your wedding in the Dominican Republic.

The number of destination wedding tips we can provide are seemingly endless so we have selected our favorite destination wedding tips from all of our past Dominican Republic weddings here. Our luxury wedding destination has been hosting Caribbean weddings and offering wedding packages since 2002 so we have the experience and expertise to help you in your destination wedding planning. Our luxury wedding villa in the Dominican Republic is the perfect destination for your stress-free destination wedding.

1.  Choose Destination Carefully

You should not pick a destination for your wedding just because everyone else is doing it or, on the surface, it appears to be cheapest. A destination wedding location should reflect you, your dreams and what you know you will enjoy. Some destination wedding locations have beach weddings on public beaches with hundreds of strangers looking on (and messing up the photos). Go there, check it out and you decide what is best for your wedding day. Consider if the wedding location is handicap accessible for your eldery guests. At the same time, your wedding destination location should be easily accessible and affordable for the majority of your guests who will be attending.

2.  Check References

Every wedding destination will be able to offer written references from their previous weddings in the Caribbean. But go past the written word and ask for contact information for two or three past brides from the wedding location. They should be happy to provide them and you definitely should contact these people. What did they like? What would they have done differently. Did anything go wrong? Put together no more than ten questions because you don't want to interview them, but talk to them through the questions.

3.  Plan Well in Advance

A destination wedding by definition means that you and your wedding group will be traveling to another location for the wedding. When you select your weddings dates you should immediately get in contact with the destination wedding location to secure your reservations. Remember the size of the group you will be bringing as well so you can contact local hotels or possibly even adjacent villas to reserve those so everyone has a place to stay.

4.  Combine Wedding / Honeymoon

A real cost saving feature of a destination wedding is to have your honeymoon in largely the same location. So, for example, you want to have a beach honeymoon in the Caribbean so it makes sense to have your destination wedding in the Caribbean. You will save a lot of money in travel expenses by combining your destinations.

5.  Decide Legal Requirements

Are you going to be married in the destination location or are you only hosting a wedding celebration in the destination? There are two ways you can approach a destination wedding; a) get legally married in your home country and have a wedding celebration in the destination or b) get legally married in the destination while having your celebration. If you choose to be legally married in your home country then you can forget the legal hassles often associated with destination weddings. If you decide to wait and be married in the destination you should make sure you have all of the necessary legal documents and, if necessary, get them legally translated into that country's language.

6.  Be Sensitive to Budgets

In today's economic climate we all need to be aware of budget limitations, particularly of those people who you have invited to your destination wedding. In considering the wedding budget for them you should include the cost of airfare, accommodations and meals so they know what they are going to have to spend. Spacious luxury villas are great for lowering costs because the rental fees are charged regardless of the number of people staying there.

7.  Relax, Enjoy & Rely on Wedding Planner

Destination wedding planners such as the dedicated wedding planner we have in our luxury villa are experts at planning, coordinating and managing your destination wedding. By relying upon the experienced wedding planner you are relieved of worry and stress so you can enjoy time with your family, friends and that special person you will soon marry.

8.  Get a Discount

Group discounts are available on airfares from virtually airline. If you have a large number of people (over 8) traveling from a single destination you can likely get a group discount on airfare. Likewise, if you reserve more than one villa for your wedding you should be able to get some sort of discount. Make sure you ask for discounts on a per person basis (if possible) so you can help everyone in their budgeting for your destination wedding. Also, check on wedding packages in your chosen destination because our Dominican Republic wedding packages typically offer great discounts.

9.  Pack Smartly

Plan where you will be traveling so you can make sure to bring all of the clothing (and medications) you will need for your trip. This may sound obvious but it is possible to be focused so much on the wedding that you forget you are heading immediately to your honeymoon! Make sure you thoroughly consider what you need and pack accordingly.

10. Get Photos / Videos

It sounds obvious because everyone wants photo and video memories of their special wedding day. But what about those people who are unable to attend your wedding? Elderly people who cannot travel, those who couldn't afford it or even those who couldn't get the time off of work. Plan for them so when you order your photos and video you get enough copies of the DVD (the typical method) for everyone to enjoy. It's inexpensive and will help everyone remember your wedding for years to come.

...and we couldn't resist adding one more tip!

11. Check Local Activities

Guests who are here to attend your wedding will want to explore the country and try out many of the activities. Every destination has lots of activities but get an activity list soon and distribute it to everyone. Many of your guests will turn this into a mini-vacation for themselves so you thinking of this extra step will help them enjoy it even better!