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Destination Wedding Planner

Our dedicated wedding planner takes care of everything!

Wedding Planning in the Dominican Republic

We realize this is probably the first wedding you have ever planned, and undoubtedly the first where you need a Caribbean island wedding planner. The Dominican Republic offers the best value in the Caribbean for a romantic beach wedding, and we are here to help you.

Planning a complete island wedding in the romantic Dominican Republic, where you may not speak the language and have no idea where needed services are located, can seem overly complicated. But with our experienced wedding planners working with you, the experience is a delight and fun-filled as weddings should be.

The wedding planners and wedding consultants at our luxury villa are highly experienced professionals who’ve helped plan, oversee and orchestrate dozens of successful weddings. A simple beach wedding, a dramatic wedding atop the sea-cliff or a massive, grand affair centered in our romantic grand entryway; our Caribbean wedding planners have the expertise and touch to make your dreams come true.

Once you have reserved our wedding villa destination you will be contacted by our wedding planner*. She will help you with everything from developing a wedding budget to arranging alternative accommodations for the rest of your island wedding party.

Our experienced Dominican Republic wedding consultants will help –

  • arrange and comply with all of the local legal guidelines to ensure your island wedding is completely legal;
  • recommend times of year most suitable for weather considerations;
  • arrange catering, entertainment, transportation and all local services needed for the perfect Caribbean wedding;
  • arrange activities for your group to keep them entertained and happy throughout their stay with us;
  • personally supervise the wedding, remaining onsite to ensure everything is done to perfection;
  • arrange for wedding photography, videography, flowers, beauticians, and other wedding services;

…and more, in as many ways as we can!

* Wedding planner fees are not included in the rental of the villa, are mandatory and invoiced with the wedding fees.